Foxtel has always been known for providing TV subscription packages that include entertaining content, usually not offered by other providers. And now they have taken part in the NBN broadband game as well, putting out several interesting plans for you to choose from. Thus, they are now your one stop for all your home entertainment solutions.

But here is the real question: are Foxtel broadband plans as good as their TV counterparts? Should you really sign up for them? Let’s go through a quick Foxtel NBN broadband review and comparison.

The Four Plans

Foxtel offers four broadband plans which are available as an NBN as well as ADSL connection. The offered contract tenure is for 12 or 24 months, the latter being more economical in the sense that it allows you to save about $140 in terms of equipment fee.

The NBN Plans

If you already have NBN in your area, you can choose from four different download speeds. Obviously, the greater your selected speed, the more prices you have to pay every month. Generally, you have to pay additional $10 if you want the next offered speed, except for when you go from 50/20 to 100/40, in which case, you $20 more per month.

The most economical plan is priced at $101, whereas the most expensive plan costs around $242 per month. All four plans include unlimited national calls, whereas data is either 200 GB or unlimited, depending on the plan you choose.

Entertainment Bundles

Foxtel allows you to choose three bundles for any of the four plans; the Entertainment Pack is included as a standard in all of them.

  • Entertainment Pack – comprises of 45 entertainment channels including MTC, Disney Junior and National Geographic; some Sky news channels are also included. The pack is priced at $26 per month.
  • Sports Pack – provides you access to hometown leagues like the AFL and NRL; channels include Fox Sports, Eurosport and some others, which sum to 12 in all. The pack is priced at $55 a month.
  • The Drama Pack  – includes all channels of the Entertainment Pack along with 6 more channels such as FX, 13th Street and BBC First. If you want to watch shows like Girls and the Walking Dead, then this pack, priced at $46 per month, is for you.
  • Platinum HD Bundle – includes all three above packs along with the Kids, Entertainment Plus, Docos and HD packs. The last of these allows you watch several channels in stunning HD resolutions. The pack is priced at $137 per month.

Comparing Foxtel with other providers

  • Telstra – direct competition with Foxtel; they offer Foxtel packs, but not unlimited data. However, 1000 GB bundled Foxtel’s Entertainment Pack is still an option.

Optus – another huge competitor that doesn’t offer Foxtel, but offers Fetch TV instead, a comparable choice. You can avail unlimited data as well as a number of entertainment bundles. Plus, you get to enjoy the English Premier League. And by the way, the 100/40 speeds for NBN are way too good.