In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to become a professional writer. With a growing number of companies outsourcing work, there’s an increased demand for remote workers, especially writers. No matter if you write books, articles, or specialize in marketing blog posts, there’s definitely a job out there for you!

What’s beneficial about freelance writing is that you make your own hours. Writing is something that you can get paid to do during your free time, and eventually, you can turn it into a full-time gig that gives you the flexibility to travel and write from anywhere at any time.

If you need money now and love writing, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn about 5 easy ways that you can make money writing.

1. Start a Blog:

As a writer, one of the first places to begin developing your career is with a personal blog. By owning a blog, you can figure out your own writing style while also developing an audience that consistently visits your site, checking for new blog posts and updates.

The nice thing about blogging is that you can literally write about anything, but you’ll first want to figure out your niche. Do you love traveling? Write about your adventures. Want to take others along your journey to becoming a professional writer? Make your blog personal and informative.

The key to running a successful blog is posting unique, relatable, and fun content. People will come to your blog to learn and to be entertained, so be sure you always have interesting posts in the queue to make publicly available

2. Become a Ghostwriter:

Managing a blog can be a lot of work. If you want your writing to be published but don’t want to deal with the time and effort of maintaining a blog, consider becoming a ghostwriter. Companies and clients of all sorts are always looking for writers to develop and post articles, blogs, marketing pieces, and other types of media.

The one drawback of ghostwriting, of course, is that your name isn’t associated with the piece that’s published, but at least you’re getting paid for it!

There are many places to find ghostwriting jobs online, but some of the top remote and freelance job boards include:

  • WeWorkRemotely
  • Problogger
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

When applying for ghostwriting jobs, be sure that you have a few writing pieces that you can send to job-seeking clients. This way, companies will have a good feel for your tone of writing so that they can determine if you’re a good fit or not.

3. Write Listicles:

Today’s readers are all about getting the information they need in the shortest amount of time. Because of this, listicles have become more popular than ever. As a writer, you’ll find that listicles can be really fun and easy to write, especially since the topics can be about whatever you want.

To get the most views, you’ll want to try to pick trending topics to write about. This way you can increase your chances of getting solid traffic to your content.

There are all sorts of sites that pay writers to create listicles, including TopTenz and Listverse.

4. Create Web Content:

Do you know a lot about digital marketing? Are you a master of search engine optimization and keyword density? If so, you’ll find that there are plenty of paid content writer jobs that perfectly suit your needs. Companies are always looking for people to write or refresh their content throughout their websites.

As a content writer, you’ll be in charge of developing content that attracts users to a site. By using content marketing best practices, you can help companies to move up in search engine page results.

5. Self-Publish a Book:

Publishing a book isn’t as hard as you may think. These days you don’t need a publisher in order to get your book out to the masses. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a great way to make money off of your book. All you have to do is upload your book, ensure that it’s Kindle ready, and then you can start spreading the word that your book is available!

In creating a Kindle version of your book, you can also release snippets of it on your personal blog or on a social media page. This is a great way to get people interested in what you’ve published.


Despite today’s highly digital world, there’s still plenty of work for writers. No matter if you want to run a blog or would prefer to serve as a digital content creator, there’s sure to be a position out there for you.