EA sports is one of the best game designers and manufacturer in the world, all the games which are released till now from the house of EA sports are amazing, they are very good in quality, graphics and also in sound. As per the name EA sports is the synonym of quality and perfection. There are various games related to all the sports which are played all across the world like cricket, rugby, handball, soccer etc. EA sports stand for Electronics arts so as per the name of company they use to make products which are completely dignifies arts and beauty.

EA sport cricket13 – IPL 5:

Cricket is very famous all across India, the Indian youth is mad about this game. IPL (Indian premier league) is the new face for Indian cricket, in IPL there are various teams and they use to play 20-20 cricket. After looking at the popularity of this event make EA sports decided to launch a new game Cricket 13  IPL 5, this game will give you the feeling of true IPL all the teams are same, the theme of teams are exactly same as it was in IPL logos are same. This game consists of various stadiums which are in India. This a realistic game with ultimate graphics you will feel the reality inside this game, each and every tactics which is involved in cricket can be easily felt in this game. Each player play the as per the original style you can play any shot which are discovered till now in the game, you can throw fastest bowling. The best thing is you can also create records in this game.

EA Sports FIFA 07 Soccer Free PC Game Demo

Soccer is world’s highest played game, about 35% of the population use to play football all across the globe. FIFA  is world best game, people of all ages are mad for this game  each year a new version of this game has been released with some new stars and new stadium also with new dresses if any team has changed there jersey. This game can be played in Xbox, PS2, PC, GameCube, DS, and GBA. And the demo of this game is available in the market for free you can download that version and I suggest if you are not an daily player of this game you should go with that version. Here in this you have choices from these six teams –Manchester United, Barcelona, W. Bremen, Lyon, AC Milan or Guadalajara. There are some requirement for this game which are described here the minimum requirement for the operating system is windows 2000/XP, the presence of graphic card is necessary for this game. The processor must be of 1.3 GHz and the minimum required RAM is 256 MB and there should be minimum space of around 1.2 GB. This game come with amazing sound experience and I promise this game can compete with any game, the popularity of this game is increasing at high rate. The downloading procedure of this game is very simple firstly open the official page of EA sports and then you will find the link Download now in the centre of the page and a pop up will arise and then save the file on your desktop so that you can find it very easily after downloading this 788 MB game you can install this demo version by just clicking twice on it.

PC EA Sports Rugby 08 Free

Rugby is very interesting game completely depends on the way how anyone can enjoy their physical power. The minimum requirement for this game is windows XP/2000/98/vista, it also required video memory of around 64 MB mainly this game demands NVIDIA GeForce 3or ATI Radeon 8500, it need about 256 Mb ram and about 2 GB free space on hard-disk. The minimum requirement for the processor is Pentium 3 or Pentium 4, you should have keyboard and mouse for the operation of this game since the controllers are controlled using keyboard and mouse. This game is an amazing creation by entrainment arts group, an exact copy of original game, this game is mainly famous in American countries and I can say this game has its unique place in the game world, people from all age group use to play this game. The graphics and sound quality of this game is really amazing I suggest everyone should play this game at least once.

These are some most famous games from the world of EA sports all these games are amazing the quality of each and every product which came from the house of EA sports is amazing. The graphics and sound is fantastic, the downloading procedure of these game is not very difficult they can be downloaded at one click and the demos of these games are available all around the net.