Want to brand online? Need a logo for business?

What if I tell you that there is an easy logo maker online, he can help you finish a satisfied logo within minutes!

What’s better? There is a 100%-FREE option for us all: No watermark printed! No registration required!

What a blessing for small business owners! This logo tool is DesignEvo!

Let’s take a look at this smart logo gadget today!

DesignEvo – Your Logo Library

If lacking ideas for a logo design, you may want to browse in DesignEvo and find an idea that works for your company. DesignEvo has over 5000+ logo templates for various purposes and in different categories.

5000+ Logo Templates Empower You “Cooking” Your Logo Easily.

DesignEvo resourceful templates are all designed by art-designer undergraduates and cover almost every theme you will want a logo for! Using DesignEvo, you can see a search box and it’s on the top left. It gives you access to look for related logo ideas. Input a keyword, it will present fabulous logo templates for consideration. Without doubts, you are able to browse the templates with the options on the left, from [Abstract] to [Travel&Hotel], before getting started. It’s very useful when you don’t have any ideas for your logo. Comparing with dozens of AI-driven logo makers, DesignEvo stands out with human wisdom. Technically speaking, those templates are human-made and human-checked before uploading to the templates, which ensures you a better UX. You just need to be no-brainy and choose a logo you prefer, spice it up by customization. Most AI-driven tools, of course, are capable of generating you logo graphics to choose, but do notice that some of the templates are generated out of nowhere and can be some sort of “ugly” in our eyes. It will waste time to choose your best logos. Though AI logo tools do give us favorite buttons, too many options without a clue always leave us in a position of a hard-to-choose dilemma. Why not just go through the best ones and cook with your creativity? From this perspective, DesignEvo can be a better choice!

Millions of Icons for Your Logo Graphics [OMG]

DesignEvo, with a powerful pool of icons, allows users to search through icons for logo creations: Wander around, input a keyword, search for an icon, click one to validate it on the canvas. Enlarge it by drag and drop the corner of your icon, change the color by using its color palette on the top.

Fonts! Fonts! 100+ Fonts!

You need to be cautious when picking the logo font. Font sets the tones of your logo:

Is it serious? Is it happy? Is it vivacious?

Judging a logo maker, you will need to see how many fonts it supports. The more fonts, the more choices you will get when designing your logo. The logo for forum, blog, business and game should apply a different font. Good for DesignEvo is that it has 100+ fonts for choice, and exceptionally, it offers an Art-font category. Take a look to decide your logo font.

Badges, Banners, Decorations, Lines, or Symbols always help to bring your logo to a next level. You would find a proper logo shape for your design. Just try DesignEvo [SHAPE] feature. This is also very helpful when you decide to design your logo from zero.

What makes us like DesignEvo more is its background options. Just take a glimpse of the background and try one on your logo, you will feel that your design is upgraded to a next level. DesignEvo prepares like a hundred background as option, they all enhance the designing: whether you are looking for a pure color or a gradient of color as a background, DesignEvo makes it extremely easy for you to make it.

Real Previews

For anyone making a logo, he will want to preview it before downloading it or making a purchase. DesignEvo prepares 2D previews of 6 scenarios – Book cover, business card, website, T-shirt, presentation wall.

Download Options

A highlight is the FREE plan. You don’t even have to register an account to get a free logo. But there is a limitation regarding logo download – FREE is for a logo at a size within 500*500. If you want to download a bigger logo, you may consider its BASIC plan or PLUS plan. PLUS plan additionally supports royalty-free rights attached with the vectorized logo and raster logo files. The prices for the BASIC and PLUS plans are relatively reasonable.

DesignEvo, Your Logo Helper

After getting an overview of DesginEvo, you may want to see how exactly does it work for logo creation. Well, you can try it yourself as it’s a self-explain logo helper. In case, you want to read how to create a logo with DesignEvo, this part, we present you the steps in details.

STEP ONE: Visit DesignEvo homepage. Here are two options – [Make a Free Logo] and [Make a Logo]. Either button will take you to the designing interface.

STEP TWO: Use Its Search Function to Begin with: Ask yourself or team, what words best describe your business or your company, and give them a try in the search box. Logo templates for your business will show in no time. Remember to try the [Search Templates] blanket, and it will surprise you!

STEP THREE: Go for a template and start your customization work: Scroll down to take a quick look at those templates in your ideas and find yours. Input your [Company Name] and [Slogan Here] with prepared words (Be serious!). Click a logo element, find all customization options for this element on the top functional bar, make changes to it until you are satisfied. 

STEP FOUR: Preview and download your logo design in right format: Go [Preview] button on the top, DesignEvo will show your logo in 6 scenarios, so that you can judge whether it’s good enough. You can go back and forth between editing and preview­. When finishing, you can directly download it to your local drives with a click of [Download]. For most users, you can get satisfied with DesignEvo Free option.

Words At Last

With the help of technology, some complex works, for example, designing a logo, don’t have to that as much as tricky in previous days. Without skills or Photoshop to design a logo, you can still accomplish the task with some easier tool – DesignEvo. Enjoy your stay!