The construction project management is standard project management as it includes a vast knowledge of the construction industry. According to the Construction Management Association of America, there is an average of 120 responsibilities to be completed in a construction project. The project managers are required to be thoughtful and strategic while working in an environment influenced by constant change.

The development of new software platforms has made the construction industry more technical, and this is indeed good news. It simplifies many different types of processes involved. Purchasing is easy, but one must have those capable of resolving the challenges faced by the construction managers.

Let us now introduce you to the five challenges faced by the construction managers and how technology can help to solve them.

The communication is slow

Communication is a crucial part of a construction project. Projects get delayed by days and months as the process is often slow. It makes it essential to establish a flow of communication with all on the ground including stakeholders and suppliers. Transparency makes the process smoother and reduces the number of phone calls and emails as the problem arises.

The simplest method of creating a communication flow is the work execution platform: sync photos, comments, documents and calendars in a single location. You can also track budgets, updates and scheduling changes as they take place. A good platform helps in transferring these changes to other managers and accounting officers in real time. It gives you sufficient time to concentrate on the next stage of the work.

The need for Extensive Planning

Anything can happen at any moment at the construction site. The construct project managers should begin planning much before the actual construction begins and then revise and develop plans until the project ends. The design, pre-construction and the procurement stages need extensive planning, and every stage needs to be revised before the next stage begins. Similarly, some environmental issues may come up during the pre-construction phase, and this may demand change in the design. Small adjustments can impact the entire timeline and plan.

Impact of field elements on Workflow

Field elements can affect the workflow of the construction project. Some situations demand personal inspection before the issue is resolved. Making yourself familiar with the construction site and duties of the professionals working under you can turn you into a better project manager. The construction industry is evolving every day with safety equipment, new equipment, practices and advancements each year. You need to learn and improve continuously to manage a project successfully. Communication can be streamlined. However, the work demands site visits and meetings with the designers and contractors.

Track and Monitor All costs

In a construction project, wages, permits, materials and types of equipment are exchanged between various vendors and financial sources. Construction project managers must monitor all the costs from the bidding process until the closeout to avoid any issues.

Talking of small construction projects involves hundreds of moving parts and individual costs. To make it more effective, you must use software to assist in managing the costs. The best technology can help the stakeholders to input budget changes, costs and other calculations to monitor the finances of the project. It reduces the time spent on collecting signatures on each invoice. Hence, more time for the task at hand.

To use or not to use an automated reporting system

The managers do not have time to reply to hundreds of emails every day or even use phone calls and address the queries about progress. An automated reporting system can help in the correspondence. Construction project management needs a weekly distribution of several status reports and spreadsheets and automated delivery tools to save a lot of time on the period of the building. Automation functionality of online construction project management software enables accurate reports are delivered to the right people helping you focus on other tasks and communication.

Sum up

Hence proven use technology to face the challenges, overcome them and make the project a success.