A watch seems like something that you don’t necessarily define, but nothing is less true. It is an important part of the man’s wardrobe and makes a big difference to your look. There is a huge selection of watches on the market and that can be quite confusing when you are looking for a new watch. It’s recommended to buy online so you can get tons of choices. If you want to buy online, read this.

Types of watches

First, you must decide for yourself when you want to wear your new watch, because the event at which you want to wear the watch has a decisive influence on the type of watch that you must purchase. When you know what you are going to use your clock for, you can look at the available watches and their most important features.

Analog or digital watch?

The analog watches are the most traditional watches. They have an hour hand and a minute hand in any case. In addition, there are often numbers or symbols that indicate the 12, 3, 6 and 9. An analogue watch is primarily a formal watch that is very suitable for work, dates or any formal occasion.

Digital watches, on the other hand, have an LCD or LED display that shows the time in numbers. These types of watches are fairly casual compared to analog watches. Perhaps not the most suitable look for formal occasions. Digital watches often also have a slightly sportier appearance than analog watches and are somewhat more robust.

There is also a third type. A kind of hybrid between analogue and digital watches. They are very practical and can be worn to work and other semi-formal events. It is not advisable to wear them to very formal occasions such as weddings or important meetings.

Battery or Quartz watch?

Digital watches often have a special watch battery, where quartz watches are often analog and work on the basis of a vibrating, electrified quartz crystal. It is not for nothing that mechanical watches are more expensive than most digital watches. Often it is manual work to place the delicate and highly specialized parts in a watch and that comes with a price. Over time, however, a mechanical watch becomes a little more inaccurate and will have to be wound regularly.

Watch frame / case

The case or frame of the watch can be whatever shape you want more. However, it is usually round, rectangular, square or even polygonal. The finish can also differ greatly. The watch can be shiny, have a matte finish, have a pattern or even contain crystals or gems. It is not advisable to purchase a watch with inlaid gems, as these cannot be worn on every formal occasion, nor on every casual occasion.

Formal analog watches can be made from steel, titanium, gold, silver or platinum. A watch with valuable metals such as platinum, gold or silver can be a costly undertaking. But there are cheaper options where these valuable metals are interspersed with cheaper alloys. By looking at the number of carats you can see what percentage the watch consists of valuable metals. For example 18k means that the watch contains 75% pure gold, 14k refers to 58% and so on.

Watch glass

The watch glass is of course an important part that must be able to take a beating. Usually the watch “glass” is made of a very unruly and strong plexiglass, traditional glass or synthetic sapphire glass. Although plexiglass is very strong, it is very sensitive to scratches. Normal glass scratches less quickly, but the chance of breaking is greater than with plexiglass.

There are still a few other things to consider but the points above are the most important to think about.