Blocking Ads Helps You Block Attacks

Sure, it’s annoying, but most people are so used to X-ing out those obnoxious ads, they rarely think twice about the risk. The danger of adds tends to come in the form of cyberattacks and vicious ones at that. Now, not all ads are created equal, after all, advertising is how we all do business. What is worrisome are the ads that are accidentally or even purposefully exposing you to harmful situations, specifically malvertising. Just like it sounds, malvertising is advertising used to deliver malware. (More on this below) This is why ad-blocking is so relevant.

What Ad-Blocking Has Been

In the past ad-blocking was a simple but limited filter that allowed you to block unwanted ads. Usually, an add will appear as a pop-up, banner, image or even embedded videos. A good ad blocker will go beyond just stopping these unwanted interruptions while you are on the web.  Companies like Blackfog are taking ads seriously and recognizing how dangerous they really are to unsuspecting consumers. Although every browser will offer you the option to change or remove ads, Blackfog ensures that all ad elements are blocked entirely from your purview. If you block it, they can’t come in.

Just like unwanted solicitors at your door won’t knock if they see a sign that threatens them with legal action and monetary fines, a cyber attacker whose malvertising is blocked also can’t get past your “door”.

Malvertising, as mentioned above, is a favorite of cybercriminals and here’s why: your data is worth it. Human nature dictates that we will engage in an ad or image that pops up. This is why advertising is so successful, it is also why it is so easy for hackers to infiltrate your system. Think this is just something that happens on small business sites, think again. The larger the brand and company, the more exciting and accessible it is to cybercrime. Hackers are well aware of techniques to block their ads and so will carefully design them to fly under the radar of blocking technologies. If you really want to protect yourself, set up an excellent ad blocker like the one from Blackfog so all your devices are secure, especially your Smartphone.

Dare to Compare: Ad Blockers

There are many popular and good ad blockers out there. Free products like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus do a pretty great job, especially for a free download. Free is nice but as the old adage goes, penny wise and pound foolish. In the case of ad-blocking spending, a little to save a lot is worth it. Think of the insurance on your smartphone. Sure an extra ten bucks a month can be annoying, but when its stolen or breaks, aren’t you relieved and grateful you decided to forgo your frozen yogurt fund and instead splurged on your protection? Same goes if not more so for adblocking.

Blackfog offers a state-of-the-art package they call BlackFog Privacy. Here are just some of the many benefits that set Blackfog apart and put them ahead of ad blocking.

  • All dark web traffic is completely blocked
  • File encryption hacks (a fave amongst cybercriminals)
  • PowerShell-for those unfamiliar this refers to an offline file-less system a new target for cyberattacks
  • Malware and Ad Blocking-utilizing 26 million blocks no ads or tracking are getting through
  • Geofencing-blocks any transmission of data to specific countries.

All of these security elements and more are part of your Blackfog Privacy Package.

Before You Go:

Never underestimate the power of a seemingly harmless popup or ad. While you may click on thousands of these a year, It only takes one malicious malvertisement to infiltrate and destroy important data or worse sell your identity to thousands of criminals around the world.  You can prevent this by protecting all your family and information with Blackfog’s elite ad-blocking service.