Don’t those blank, clean pages of a new notebook give you a good feeling? Students spend a lot of time choosing the cover of the notebooks they’ll use for studying. I’m not sure what the reason for this is, but a notebook has a lot to offer to a student in addition to the opportunity to take notes.

So, when your goal is to become a more organized student, finish every assignment in time, and have every paper written as it should – you need the best notebook you can find. There are thousands of notebook kinds of all shapes and all sizes, not to mention different covers. To help you make this choice, I’ve round up a couple of my favorite notebooks for studying.

1.     All-Terrain: Waterproof Notebooks

For the clumsy ones or the ones who simply want to be cautious, this is the best and very affordable notebook offer. The waterproof notebooks will keep your notes safe from coffee or any other spills.

2.     Action Publishing: Minimalist NoteBook

As a student, I always did some sketches for motivation or to kill the break time in between classes. This is an excellent, custom-made notebook that allows you to take notes, write or sketch. It’s perfect for those with an artistic soul. Moreover, the covers are made of recycled chipboard and the item is almost free.

3.     Poppin: Double-Booked Cover Collection

This collection has so much to offer. The Poppin’s notebooks come in different sizes and types and are of very good quality. Every student can find his perfect notebook here.

4.     Moleskine: Classic Ruled Soft Cover Notebook

Moleskine does some high-quality planners and notebooks, and it is relatively affordable. My favorite is the classic 5’’ by 8.25’’ Moleskine notebook. When you write your notes on it, you almost have no limit – it has 192 pages and an elastic band that keeps them together. I mostly used it for my essay ideas and tasks. Even with the hard tasks – when I ordered an assignment from an academic essay writing service, I simply took a photo or scanned those notes and sent them to the writer.

5.     Rhodia: Heritage Collection Block Book Notebook

Rhodia has provided me with some excellent notebooks during my academic years, but this is my very favorite one. It has a unique cover that gave me somewhat of a calming feeling. These kinds of grids give students the inspiration to letter and doodle in the blank pages that follow. It also has a band that keeps it closed, and a ribbon bookmark you can use to mark the most important pages.

6.     Ogami: Repap Stone Paper Hard Cover Notebook

You better learn the best note-taking tips if you go for this option. It’s much more expensive than the rest, but I do like to give myself some luxuries every once in a while. After all, the notebook is one of the main tools you use to study, so why not get the best of the best? This one even has a pocket inside of it, is waterproof and tear-resistant!

Basically, when I spill something on this luxury notebook, I can just wipe it off.

7.     Scribbles That Matter: Dotted Journal

I absolutely love the design on this one! For those who want something more colorful to brighten those never-ending classes or study sessions, this is one of the most popular notepads of today. It has a very good cover, a dot grid, a weighty paper that allows for no bleed-through, as well as pre-numbered pages you can use for indexing.

8.     Livescribe: Echo Smartpen

As a student who grows alongside technology, you might even want to move one step further and away from the printed notebooks. The Smartpen isn’t your traditional notebook – it’s a pen that records everything you write in real time and uploads it on your computer without you having to do anything. You don’t even have to turn pages or buy notebooks – ever. Still, it is much more expensive since it’s basically a very good technology. Even so – totally worth it!

9.     Rocketbook Wave: Smart Notebook

The surprises don’t end here! If you are a technology-lover as I am, you should definitely look at the latest invention. It’s a smart notebook – one that you can put inside a microwave and erase everything you’ve written on its pages. It’s highly affordable and yet, reusable. You can’t really do this with an ordinary notebook, can you?

You can use the notebook for five times before it stops erasing itself. And since most students don’t need to keep all notes forever, it’s a pretty good and very interesting investment. The best part about it is – you can connect it to the smartphone and save all those notes before you put it to cook in the microwave!

Did you make your choice of a notebook? Will you go for a more traditional version or you’ll go all-for-technology? Whatever it is, investing in a good notebook is a great way to motivate yourself to study and make note-taking easier.