Do you want to throw the finest webinars in your industry? Get your tech done. Poor audio & video quality can easily throw a bucket of cold water on your webinar. It’s in your best interest to upgrade your webcam and microphone, otherwise there’s a chance that more and more people won’t pay any attention on your content. Remember that if you have to build credibility, you should look and sound competent. If you decided to upgrade your webinar setup, we’ve found some equipment which is worth your attention.


  1. Movo M1 USB Lavalier

Perfect one if you don’t have enough budget. You should consider this option when you’ve just started your journey with webinars or streaming. It has a long cable so you could freely move during your event. It’s helpful precisely in situations if you’re giving a lecture and you can’t be stuck looking at your desk. It has also plug & play so you don’t have to install any additional software.

Price: up to $25


If you need professional audio quality in your webinars Blue Snowball USB it’s just for you. It’s featured with capsule technology and headphone amplifier to deliver the most natural sound. Blue Snowball it’s equipped also with direction indicator switch, mute button and volume knobs on input and microphone output. It doesn’t need any software so you can plug it and start recording immediately. If you care about distortion level and you need a balanced bandwidth then Blue Snowball should be your first choice.

Price: up to $70

  1. Blue Yeti

This microphone with 3 condenser capsules was designed to record sound almost in every situation. Blue Yeti has four different pattern settings (cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo) for streaming, conference calls and interviews. Simple gain control enables you to adjust the microphone’s sensibility to existing conditions. It also has stereo mode and zero-latency headphone monitoring. Blue Yeti it’s a great choice if you need a versatile mic for professional use.

Price: between $130-150


We all remember times when you needed an external camera to do any kind of video on Internet. Today, when a webcam is built into every laptop, we no longer need external devices for this “purpose”. Nowadays external video gear helps with such advanced things like live streaming or videoconferencing, sometimes it’s even basen on AI algorithms and is able to recognize faces. But which model should you choose? Here are some of the cameras that we recommend if Live Webinar software is a part of your work environment:

  1. Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

The most affordable webcam from our list delivers video in 720p quality. It gives you bright and colorful image through TrueColor technology. This little (109mm x 44,5mm) webcam it’s been equipped with noise reducing microphone what’s make it excellent choice for everyone who prefers simple and mobile solutions.

Price: between $30-40


With this webcam your webinars will stand out of the crowd. It records video in Full HD 1080p quality and has automatic light correction. Logitech c920 it’s been also equipped in mechanical auto-focus features, so you can be sure your image will remain perfectly sharp.

Price: between $75-100

  1. LiveStream Mevo

This powerful and portable webcam delivers excellent streaming experience. It can stream to multiple platforms at the same time (up to HD 1080p resolution) and record in 4K quality. You can go with it anywhere, connect with Wi-Fi or LTE and start to our livestreaming instantly. It also has microSD slot, so you don’t have to worry about additional space for your recordings. Included mobile app enables you to edit your videos in real time. This smart and discreet webcam should satisfy even the most demanding users.

Price: $200 (Mevo) and $500 (Mevo Plus)