Android O first evidence Picture-in-Picture feature:

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Android O is bringing a lot of exciting features to the OS but one feature is being touted as the most awaited one. It is the PiP mode. Picture in Picture mode is being hugely awaited by tons of Android fans all over the world. It is one of the most exciting features ever to be showcased on a smartphone device and has left fans stunned. The feature enables a level of multitasking that many of us have only dreamed of achieving, and Android O promised to introduce the feature by the time the final version made its way to the mainstream. Google has just released Android developer preview 2, and it looks like we’ve got an early beta version for everyone to test out and enjoy. So, get your phones on the developer preview and enjoy the early access.

While this implementation is incredibly buggy, it still technically works, and it’s nice that we essentially have a workaround to YouTube closing when you switch apps. P I P mode only works with a select number of apps at the moment, but we’re sure it will work with just about everything once it is finally released in the official version of Android O. More and more apps will join the bandwagon and implement this feature. They will basically have to play catch-up or else, have to face the angst of the fans.

How do you enable this setting on your android?

To enable this incredible setting, head to the settings options through the new gear location in the notification tray. From here, select System, then head to System UI Tuner. You would think that you would select the Picture-in-Picture option from here, but you’re actually going to want to select ‘Navigation Bar’ instead. From here, there’s a very specific process you’ll need to follow which is explained below:

Step 1: Change the ‘Extra Button Type’ to ‘Keycode’

Step 2: Put in the ‘Keycode’ value of ‘171’

Step 3: Choose an icon to use (we used the circle)

If you enter the System UI Tuner menu, you’ll be able to toggle on an option to automatically minimize your picture-in-picture window by flinging it to the corner or side of your display. This is totally optional, but is an interesting feature to have.Now, when you have an app open you can select this extra button and it will automatically convert your current window into a small movable picture-in-picture window. While this Picture-in-Picture option won’t work for all apps, it will work fine for things like YouTube and Chrome. The scaling turned out pretty badly for us when we were testing it, but we have to remember that this is a developer preview, and we’re hoping it works more satisfactorily in the full release which will be released later.

All in all, this feature has huge scope and can be used in a variety of ways to up your productivity levels. It also can be used for entertainment purposes, like in the case of YouTube. We can’t wait for the final version.