Sure, we all know how to turn our computers on, but how many of us actually knows what goes on inside these wonders of technology. Even inside the simplest machines there are devices so advanced that it makes the mind boggle. Here’s a list of some of the most vital components in a computer.

The Motherboard  

Also known as the mainboard, system board, the planar board or the logic board, the motherboard is the main hive of activity within a computer. The chip laden board features various interfaces, through which it is plugged into many of the other main components of the computer.

Graphics Card

Having a good graphics card in your computer is vital for getting the most out of your gaming. The card is either integrated into the motherboard or connected directly to the CPU, from which it takes information which is then turned it into a visual image. This sounds simple enough, however the whole process takes a lot of energy, so for games with high end graphics, like Far Cry 3, it is important to have a high end graphics card, otherwise the operation will prove too much for the chip, which could cause the computer to crash.

Central Processing Unit

The CPU is like the brain of a computer. The chip is found attached to the motherboard and carries out all the instructions of the computer. Within the CPU is the arithmetic logic unit, which performs the mathematical and logical operations, and the control unit, a unit that pulls out data from the memory and decodes and implements them. The speed of a CPU depends on its clock rate, a unit that is measured in hertz. The greater the hertz rating, the more instructions a CPU can carry out per second. Many modern computers are multi core, which improves a computers performance by employing the use of two of more CPUs.

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The memory of a computer refers to the physical devices used to store digital memory on a computer. The primary source of memory in Random-access memory, more commonly denoted as RAM. This virtual memory is stored in a non-linear order and can be accessed in a random sequence, rather than the processor having to check every memory slot in a certain order to get to the right data, as happened with older technologies. The capacity of RAM processor is measured in megabytes; however, the speed of the device is measured megahertz. The higher the figure for MB, the more memory the RAM has, while the higher the figure for MHz, the faster this memory can be accessed. You can increase the memory your computer has quite easily with the addition of an external memory source, such as an external hard drive.

Sound Card

It’s all well and good plugging your computer into a surround sound system, however, if the computer itself doesn’t have good sound card, the final output will low on quality. Some sound cards are integrated into the motherboard, however, the more advanced models come as plug in cards. The higher the quality of sound card the better sound you’ll get.