Despite the fact that we are more connected than we were a few years ago, I feel we are really limited to our fields. If you aren’t a technology freak, chances are you won’t know anything about IPTV, and while searching on the internet, you come across so much jargon that it makes it even harder to understand.

The first thing that you should know is that IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which merely means that you have been using it without even knowing it. All those Game of Thrones episodes you watch on YouTube and various online sites are channeled through such platforms.

Here listed below are brief descriptions of IPTV Apps for IOS and Android that you should know about, so you can choose one for yourself. However, you will need a setup box for this purpose, and I recommend a mag 256.

1.     Ottplayer

Ottplayer’s tagline summarizes the purpose and the function of the application, “All your TV in one application.” While it is previously installed in some of the high-end TV brands, it does not come with pre-designed playlists. You will have to design your playlist according to your preferences. Apart from XSPF, it supports all different video formats.

2.     Mobdro

This IPTV application comes with channels that are pre-installed and contains a variety of food, entertainment, and sports channels. If you want any specific channels that are not included in the plan, you have to go to the website and use the add-ons that it provides.

3.     Rocketstreams

The best feature that this application has is its payment plan. Rather than paying before and not being able to use the application due to some reason, you can pay for the videos just as you watch them. In this way, you can have a better eye on how much you are actually spending on IPTV, and you can budget your entertainment too.

Like other applications, there is no restriction of genre, and you can make your own playlist consisting of your favorite music, entertainment, food, and sports channels.

4.      Kodi

Many technology geeks prefer this application as it has a more significant number of add-ons as compared to the other IPTV applications. It also has the best video quality amongst all the above mentioned applications, but unlike other applications, it has technicalities that tech experts can understand.

5.     VLC

VLC is an IPTV application that most of us are familiar with. The best feature about this application that it can be supported by both IOS and Android systems. It can play various video formats in high definitions and because it is easier to understand a large number of people prefer it over other options. This is an example of an IPTV application that we have been using without even knowing out it.