Have you ever thought about what it takes to run a restaurant smoothly? It’s not just having a good concept and management. You need wait staff who care about your customers, and you need customers who love your food. To do that, you need food that tastes great, but even before that, you need a system that ensures you’ll always have what you need to make sure the ingredients are always there to deliver on your restaurant’s promise.

There are a few technologies helping restaurants achieve greater satisfaction and higher sales just because a few developers saw how difficult it was for restaurants to stay above water. These are some of those technological upgrades that have helped the food industry most.

Online Ordering

It’s now possible for restaurants to achieve higher revenue, more accuracy, and data tracking with online ordering tools. If your restaurant offers take-out and delivery, then this is something you simply have to add to your business. If you are a faster, casual restaurant or if you want to instantly add a new revenue stream, you should think about adding online ordering or adding on a third-party food delivery app, such as UberEats or ChowNow.

Point of Sale for Restaurants

Point of sales for restaurants have certainly changed in the past few years. Now you can find that most restaurants have newer systems that allow them to take orders faster, check out guests faster, and offer tabletop dining, which increases those ticket numbers significantly. However, there are so many other wonderful things about the new world of POS for restaurants.

For instance, you can get real-time sales reports that show you just how well you did during a lunch rush or how a promotion brought in traffic for a certain holiday. You can even see sales by restaurant or sales for other metrics just with a click. It’s all part of the digital and mobile POS systems available in today’s market.

Tabletop POS systems open up all kinds of opportunities for restaurants to make more money as well. Guests will constantly order new items from a tabletop POS if it’s available, and they can even sign up to receive promotions right from the table.

Loyalty Programs and Marketing

Promotions are making or break for restaurants. If you don’t promote your restaurant, then you may find yourself without any customers. However, you can’t promote your restaurant if you don’t have a marketing budget. What if you could start a loyalty program through your checkout process? This allows you to connect to your customers again and again by email and online advertising. You can show your most loyal guests how much you appreciate them with a social media promotion, as well.

With an email service provider, you can instantly send your guests a thank you for visiting your restaurant, along with their receipt and compliments from their waiter or waitress.

Customer-Facing Tablets

It’s also easier to check customers out with tablets that let them see their bill and confirm with a tip option. They can even split the bill with their dinner guests, or they can add on a take-out order. Whether you decide to use a self-kiosk or you have a user-friendly tablet system at checkout, you can make it so that your customers are never questioning what’s on the bill.