Are you using Xiaomi smartphones? Then you must know few of the common problems with Xiaomi smartphones have and it’s hard to find solutions to it. Now we have gathered 20 issues which most Xiaomi smartphones and Note has with solutions to it. For this very purpose, we have confirmed the solutions with the real time users from the Xiaomi Discussion Forums.


We have not tried any of the solutions on the smartphones yourself, but we can assure you that this is completely safe and does not include Tips that can create problems to your smartphones. In case if the problems are not solved, you may have to visit your Xiaomi service centers.

20 MIUI Common Problems & Solutions To It

Xiaomi is known for presenting high specification smartphones in India so far, and they come at an affordable price and the only competitor for Xiaomi at that price point are Panasonic. With Xiaomi runs on Android but they have their User Interface, which has led many users to try the smartphone at least once.
I think it is safe to say that the Xiaomi smartphone UI is one of the reasons why the company sales were increased in a year. But the UI interface requires many updates and also improvements which Chinese company is working on. You can check for updates twice a month where you can find improvements on UI and other areas of OS.
Xiaomi users have complained that they have few issues with the UI, so we are providing 20 common problems that can be solved with our solution.
1. Developers Option: How to Turn On?
This is one of the common questions you can find on Xiaomi forums. You can do that by tapping into Settings > About Phone > Tap three to six times on the “MIUI Version Tab.” Now you have turned on the Developer mode.
miui problemsmiui problems

2. How Can I Decrease YELLOWISH Tint On My Xiaomi?

In Xiaomi smartphones the resolution does not matter, but the colors applied to the screen are slightly different from the regular smartphone. You can notice that YELLOWISH tint color is common in Xiaomi smartphone, but it is irritating to few consumers. You can decrease that tint by going to Settings > Display > Colors & Saturation > Choose standard or Cool setting.  In case, if your smartphones yellowish color does not decrease then it is advised that you visit nearest Xiaomi service center.

miui problemsmiui problemsmiui problems
3. Why Echo Present During Calls?
Echo can be decreased with a simple setting. Just tap on Settings > Sounds > Suppress Noise During > Calls > Single-mic noise suppression. With this setting, you are good to go.
4. Why Xiaomi Could Not Send or Deliver MMS?
It happens sometimes; you can fix the issue by signing into your Mi Account > Mi Cloud. If you are a user with MI Cloud who has recently changed the password from PC, then you have to delete the account or Log out of Mi account from the smartphone then log in.
5. My MI smartphone Screen is Has Some Noises
This is one of the common problems, and you can fix it by
dialing *#*#6484#*#* or you can choose the number 11 Touch Sensor > Recalibrate your touch screen.
6. How To Fix Black Screen During Receive or Dialed Calls?

You need to re-calibrate your smartphone sensor which is very sensitive. You can do that by dialing

*#*#6484#*#* the number 8 Proximity sensor > Recalibrate the sensor. In case the problem is not resolved then check your smartphone tamper glass which might be blocking your sensor. You can get it replaced with made for Xiaomi tampered glass.

If the issue persists, then your smartphone may need Xiaomi service center assistance.

7. My Xiaomi Is Ringing After 1-3 Seconds, Why and Solution?
When somebody whose number is not saved on your smartphone takes at least 2 to 6 seconds to ring the tone, which is another common issue with the Xiaomi smartphone. There is no solution for this as there is no issue to fix the problem. The Xiaomi developers have created a line where they can confirm the source of the call to make sure that the number is not spam. Thus it takes 2 to 3 seconds interval before alerting you. If you have saved the number in the save contacts, then the Xiaomi phone will ring the tone immediately without any hassle.

8. Listening To Music Is Not Delight On Xiaomi, Any Solution?

Well, I will not assure you that it works according to your expectations but what I can assure you is that your music listening experience will improve with this Tip.

Now Tap on Settings > Sound & Vibration > Audio Setting > Mi Sound Enhancer.  Now choose few Earphone options displayed from the image below and check if your Earbuds are compatible.

miui problemsmiui problems
9. My Ringtone Sound is Weak, Any Solution?
There is a solution you can try, and that is to head on to Settings> > Sound & Vibration > Volume > Ringtone and Notification > Set the volume to the highest. If the setting does not take any effect, then restart your smartphone and try again.
10. Why I always feel my phone is lagging?

This is because the animation for the phone is turned on. If you don’t like the animation, can go to Settings>Additional settings>Developer options>Window animation scale>Animation off. If you still feel there are some lags, can try to reflash the phone.

10. My Xiaomi is Lagging A lot Lately, Any Solution?

Make sure that you have not installed any app which is running in the background and slowing down your smartphone. Another valid reason is Animations. If you want your smartphone to run smoothly then go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Window animation scale > Animation off. Animations usually drain battery care and also slows down. You can use even sure cleaners to speed up.


miui problems
11. Turn Off InGame Vibration
Ingame vibrations are irritating and sometimes it even can be the cause of dropping your smartphone. You can get rid of it by Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Vibrate on touch > off.
12. Change The Ringtone Easily
Changing ringtone is a piece of cake but setting your favorite song as a ringtone is tricky. head on to File Explorer > Internal Storage > MIUI > Ringtone. Or, Settings > Sound and vibration > Call tone and vibrate. There is an option where you can set the long or short tones.

13. During Gaming, I’m Accidently Touching the Three Buttons on Bottom

It is irritating when things go wrong during gaming, and it can be the cause of sometimes losing, so it is better you do something about it. Go to Navigation bar > MiUi > Turn on “Buttons” option. To activate those three options, you can only hold the Power & Home button at the same time.

miui problems
14. How Can I Switch Off The Notification For Mi Store (Only China ROM)
Unfortunately, there is no official option where you can get rid of it but what you can do is Root your smartphone and remove the default App Store from the Xiaomi smartphone. If you are not a Tech Savvy person, then we would not recommend you to do that. On the top of that rooting is not good for average user.

15. How To Enable MiUi To Detect Age and Gender?

Did you know that the Xiaomi smartphones camera can detect Gender and Age, which is amazing? You can enable that by Camera > Swipe to the right > Setting (Scroll down at the bottom) > Turn on the Face detection. Check for the selfie icon to detect the age and gender of the person.

miui problemsmiui problems

16. Can Xiaomi Smartphones Detect Qr Code & Barcode?

Your won’t be surprised that the Xiaomi smartphones can detect the codes without any hassle. You can enable that setting Camera > Setting > Switch on the scan QR codes mode, and then you will be able to scan both types of codes.


miui problems
17. Why Does Not My PC recognize Xiaomi Smartphone Via Cable?
This is not a complicated issue but sometimes replacing your Cable fix the problem. Check the USB cable and Port if they are working fine or not. If you are still unable to find the culprit then Go to Setting > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Switch on the USB Debugging Mode. If this doesn’t work then what else will? However, you may find the next solution very useful if this does not get fixed.

18. Can I Transfer Files between Pc and Xiaomi Smartphone, be That Possible?

Xiaomi has more features to offer than an iPhone does when you compare the price between them, that will make a difference. You need to be connected to the same Wi-fi network first, then go to Explorer > FTP > Start server > Link (This link is an FTP link generated by Mi smartphone.). Now go to your PC browser (Google Chrome is recommended), then type the given link on the smartphone. Now you will be able to transfer files without even linking your smartphone to the PC.


miui problemsmiui problems
19. Xiaomi Smartphone Cannot Turn on, What To Do Now?
1. You can try to troubleshoot, and I would like to suggest few who has worked for many. You can check if your Power Button is Broken. Now Tap and Hold both Power + Volume Up button. You can change language or Reboot.
2. You can press the Power Button for at least 10 seconds, which will turn on your smartphone. If not then there are few smartphone where you can remove battery and re-insert to turn on. You can check the list of smartphone which you can remove the battery. If your smartphone is non-removable, then do not remove it because you will break the Warranty Seal.
3. Sometimes your Xiaomi smartphone goes into Off mode, Hold the Volume Down + Power Button at the same time, then let it go when the screen shows up. You will enter into fast boot.
4. If none of the options work then, it is advised that visit nearest Xiaomi Service Center.
20. Three Navigation Buttons Are On But Screen is Pitch Black
Tap & Hold power button for 10 seconds and reboot your smartphone. Another solution is that when your smartphone is on but the screen is black then try to adjust Brightness Manually. It is difficult, but it sometimes works.
Try out these methods and many of them will work for you. And if your smartphone is under warranty make sure to give it to the nearest Xiaomi Center.
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