TechieWord – Privacy is Our Top Priority

TechieWord takes pride in privacy policy as we have the strongest privacy policy around the Tech sites. TechieWord takes responsibilities of the personal information you share when you are using the site is protected from domestic and international threat. We always keep your data and information protected and we do not share your details to any third-parties. Thus your details like Email, Name, Your emails sent to us to our contact email id also comes under the protection.

The privacy policy applies to all of the pages and posts on the website, and the writers, editors or contributors are subjected to the same privacy policy.

The privacy policy is subjected to the Authors, Contributors, Editorial staff and the information we gain from the Readers.

Electronic Communications & Emails

Status: Now you have asked it, we do have an email newsletter program on out site and it is always functional when you subscribe to the newsletter with your personal email id, your email id is not shared with any third-party, and it is only handled by the founder of the TechieWord. Once you subscribe, you accept our policy of receiving a newsletter on a daily basis. However, you have the right o unsubscribe any point of time by using the “Unsubscribe option,” we add the option in our all newsletters in the bottom.

Noe third-party user or any other source has access to your personal information which you use to comment, subscribe to the newsletter and the email sent to our support. We protect your data from third-party access. Which means, your information is safe with us and will not be shared at any cost.

Now that we are growing and many are concerned that websites spam their inbox but that is not gonna happen from our end, we only send the newsletter when the content is important to you, and you will receive newsletter rarely.  If you have a problem with the subscription, you can contact us.

We have a goal of reaching as many readers without unique, tested and confirmed that the information we provide is authentic. And at the same time, personally we never spam your inbox with unnecessary emails, and you can expect to one newsletter each day or one newsletter a week.

Traffic and RSS Data

Now that we are at a point of improving, we do have tracking codes placed on the sites to track the movements of our readers within site. Whenever we have a visitor we automatically track and generate a report about it, and we use to improve the services, flaws and what needs to be done to improve our services.

Note: We highly appreciate if you contact us directly to give your feedback, so that improve faster.

We also use aggregated traffic data and statistics for marketing analysis, determining future offerings, and other business uses.

What do we track is, your browser type, location, IP address, article name, visitors, views, Broadband name (ISP), and referrals.We measure the data to understand your needs and meet your expectations next time we publish an article, and we constantly work on adding and removing unnecessary things from the site to improve the visibility and quality of the site.

Thus you can expect improved version of each time you visit the site.

Cookies, Web Beacons, and Log Files.

Now that we are moving to 2017 soon and the world of technology is moving fast as we speak. Did you know that the new browser or the latest browser updates have now added cookies option which many sites are using it to improve the site experience? Cookies are very useful when you have visiting a site more than once each day. the first time you store visit  any site cookies save images or data that can help you load the site faster next time. Cookies have proved to be helpful to many of the online users.Cookie

Cookie is also used more than just loading a site. Cookies store your usage and activity, in other words, there are few sites and tracking codes which download the cookies to understand what you like and when you like to make the ads, viewing and reading easier. Currently, we have AdSense enabled on our site, and the Google Adsense use the cookies data to display relevant ADS which helps us generate revenue.

We gather information and insights to analyze on how we can produce personalized services to the readers. We do assist you when you need advice, comments, or suggestions. We do work with third-party services or Advertisers, however, we never let the advertisers manipulate the outcome of the content or the product which we asked to promote.

If you are wondering that how you can avoid getting the Cookies un-downloadable then you can do that by disabling your cookies option. There are several sites out there which are running using the cookies so you might able to access it.

Removing or deleting cookies do not remove yourself from the advertising program unless you set the settings to disallow cookies to store. Whenever you visit the site having advertisements new cookies are stored in the database.

Paid & Sponsorships

We allow paid and sponsored content on the site, which also comes under the policy of Guest Post. The following paid post are subjected to the same rules given in the guest post rules. It is not allowed to the paid post or sponsored person to manipulate the content to promote any content which is not worth. We hold the rights to give our side of opinion also we remind you which is the best for you.

The sponsored ads or paid post are always cleared the clean line before we reflect on the site, the team never accepts misleading, offensive, inappropriate content on the site. We respect the audience who want to learn, and we will always keep our content PG and professional.

We do not accept content which is inappropriate, illegal, or any foul play will not be accepted on Techieword.