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Top 10 Password Management Software

Passwords and personal details are too confidential data in your online life. Whether you are a small or big company, you definitely required to enter your passwords on many online websites including Gmail, MSN too. But do you know that many smart keylogger software’s are capable to reside in your system and spoof your keyboard keystrokes to steal your data. The best way to avoid typing passwords for websites, is to use some smart password management software’s. Password Management Software’s usually perform all actions like storing passwords, autofill forms, generate strong passwords, store credit card data and fill up in the website forms using its secure autofill tools on behalf of you. Not only smartness is enough for web enthusiast but security is also important for everyone.

List of Top 10 Password Management Software :

There are thousands of password management software’s are available over the Internet. Apart from that some software’s are useless too, however conflict happens when it’s all about the security of your online presence. So, To maximize your security and save your time, we have organized some top password managements software’s in this list.

1) RoboForm:

Roboform Logo

Roboform is capable to store your passwords faster followed by secure encryption methods. It has capabilities to access your passwords even you are offline and whenever you go online Roboform will sync your data if anything changed. You can trust it’s secure encryption and decryption techniques to store passwords and other confidential data. This password management software supports most used web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari. Cross Platform Support, USB portability, Phishing protection, On screen keyboard, Mobile platform support makes it all in one best password management software.

2) DataVault :

DataVault by Ascendo

DataVault is one of the best password manager by Ascendo. This software built-up with features such as autofill forms, generate secure passwords on the go, fastest synchronizations with full security. You can sync your data using popular methods such as Wi-Fi, DropBox, iCloud etc. DataVault password manager supports multiple operating systems and it works on all major mobile browsers too ( e.g; iPhone, Android, iPad ).

3) KeePass :

Keepass Password Management Software

KeePass is perfect password management software for those individuals who always love to store passwords offline. In order to handle all stored passwords, KeePass uses one Composite Master Key that is required to setup after your first installation. If you forget your CMK, then simply you can recover it by using backup key file. In comparison of security and price, this freeware password management software provides better security.

4) LastPass :

Lastpass Password Management Software

Its another most popular password management tool over Internet with thousands of users. It supports almost all features the RoboForm has. It comes in two versions free and premium. To unlock its premium features, you can upgrade to the premium version by paying a little premium membership charge.

5) Sticky Password :

Sticky Password Software

This password management software protects you from identity theft, Phishing sites and unwanted keyloggers. It’s hacking proof password management tool with its strong password encryption-decryption technology. To give it a try, you can get free 30 day trial of sticky password software.

6) Kaspersky Password Manager :

Kaspersky Password Manager

This password manager software developed by Kaspersky lab. It allows you to generate quick and complex password while filling up forms. The core features like autofill, strong encryption, protection against keyloggers and Phishing makes it simple, secure and fast password management software especially useful for home use.

7) AnyPassword Pro :

AnyPassword Pro Password Management Software

Again an awesome and handy software to manage your passwords in easy way. You can synchronize your passwords between two computers. It’s strong storage encryption makes it more secure tool. It automatically notifies you too, whenever there is a need to change passwords.

8) Handy Password :

Handy Password

Handy Password is free password manager software available as multi user and secure enterprise password management tool. It’s Firefox and Internet explorer add-ons enables you to generate secure passwords instantly. It allows auto logins, auto fill forms with their strong data encryption techniques.

9) TK8 Safe :

TK8 Password Management Software

TK8 Safe consist almost all features that one password management software must have. TK8  is the premium software which costs minimum $19.95 to get the premium version of the software. However, before purchasing it, you can try it for 30 days at free of cost.

10) Aurora Password Manager :

Aurora Password Management Software

The Aurora password manager is available in free and premium versions. However its premium version have personal and business license which costs a few dollars. But if you are seeking to try it, then download its free version. This software is compatible with windows vista and windows 7 and on the other hand, it’s not supported on other operating systems and mobile operating systems.


Choosing the right password management software relies on your requirements of various features. We have listed the latest working password management software’s with its website links. You are free to check any versions and software from the above list. If you have any ideas, experience about the software’s listed above, do share with us followed by your valuable comments.

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